Does Good Design Make Coffee Taste Better?


Does good design make our coffee taste any better? Probably not. Despite the recent research into coffee cup colour and it’s effect on taste perception (really, read it here)

What extraordinary design does for extraordinary coffee, is it allows the cup to be seen and tasted. Wanted. If no-one is interested and seduced by a potential experience, why would they bother trying our relationship sourced micro-lots? When would our effort into profile roasting get tried by more than a handful of locals and people chancing by? What would the point be in cupping and evaluating every single roasted batch of coffee by our team be? Why bother with a Barista School?

Great design is at many levels, and brand and branding are not a way for a marketing team to justify their continued employment. Brand is everything. From the music played in store to the store itself.

Design does not stop there from the cups and packaging and this very website by Maya Liepaz, to our logo, started by Stephanie De Villiers and evolved by Maya. One thing has remained intact. Design and functionality, preceded by philosophy and deep understanding of the brand.

Is this always a happy, easy process? No. Mediocrity is easy. Loving and living your brand is hard. It takes courage and relentless determination, and at times argument with those you love and trust, until something right is forged from a mess of swarming ideas and desires.

But it is worth it. Because the accolades put bums on seats. And bums on seats order and drink coffee. And that experience, if holistically loved, becomes a story they tell.